Student's right for justice denied by Bangladesh government

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On 29 July 2018, around 12:30 PM, 2 students were brutally killed by 'Jabale Nur' bus drivers on "Dhaka Airport Road, Bangladesh" because of their overtaking tendency. 6 people died on the spot.

On 30 July, the students called for a protest but the government will not punish the divers because "Shipping Minister's brother-in-law" who's name is 'Nannu' is the owner of 'Jabale Nur'.

Our protest was broken by the police. The police used tear-shell and Baton charge to break our protest for. Many college students were brutally injured because of it and many were arrested.

Also the special force 'RAB' which is used for catching dangerous terrorists, bandits and drug lords was used to break the protest and injure the college students.

We want Justice, if this insanity is not stopped now, the citizens of this country will be cruelly dominated by the politicians of this country in future. If this petition is granted then we can hope for Justice, students rights and proper traffic law in Bangladesh.