Strip Amb. Hussaini I​.​H Coomassie of his UN peace and social justice title

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On 17 Oct, 2020, Amb. Coomassie made a statement on the current #endsars/#endpolicebrutality protests around Nigeria suggesting the use of military force on peaceful protesters. Quoting from his statement, he said, "There are certain things that should be handled with iron fist. Vladimir Putin said, 'necessary process [should be taken] to deal with irregularities not due process' there are certain times due process doesn't work, but necessary process. So whichever way your country would be at peace, handle it. If the police fails to do what they're supposed to do, bring the military [in]." So far, at least 20 unarmed civilians have been killed by police during these peaceful protests. This man is not fit for the title of US Ambassador for Peace and Social Justice.