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Every week hundreds of West African migrants are being sold in what they call "slave markets/auctions" across Libya for as little as $400. These people are being promised that they'll be crossed over to Europe, but instead, they hold them for ransom or are forced into prostitution and sexually exploited to pay their captors. Some are being sold as "farm boys" others are sold for other hard labor work. They are being tortured and many times are killed by their captors in the middle of the desert. The smugglers/captors refer to these human beings as merchandise and it's disgusting. Every life matters and we must all come together to put an end to this cruelty that's happening in 2017. One of us might not make a difference, but if we all come together we have the POWER to create change and help these people in need. I am asking for The United Nations to come up with a solution as soon as possible because we've waited far too long!