Stopping abuse towards women and children

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Millions of women are abused on a daily basis around the world. INDIA being amongst one of the  country which is the most unsafe place for women.  We all know, Cows are more safe in india than women since they're part of the religion. No girl who walks outside their houses after 6 pm is safe in the country. The most horrid part is to know that, not even the kids are left alone. Women, irrespective of what age, gets raped in india on a high rate. The recent case of an 8 year old muslim girl, Asifa bano, who got gang raped and beaten to death was the most heart breaking news. The prime minister of our country, Narendra modi, still remains SILENT about the issue. It has been more than 2 months since this case happened and he had done nothing about it, not even speak on it. There are 1000's of such rapists living a luxurious life in indian Jails. And they don't get punished. The women of india has lost hope. We feel as though nothing is going to change. As long as the prime minister remains silent and the rules remain the same, nothing is going to change. We're afraid that THIS, will become a norm. But with the help of United Nations, we feel as if something would change. And that something would mean alot to us, the citizens of India.