Stop the war in Yemen

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War is pure evil!

The war in Yemen started four years ago and is still going on as murderous and brutal as ever.  It is an unjust war waged by a coalition of powers and mercenary armies led by Saudi Arabia, the richest Arab country, against the poorest one. That coalition has blockaded for several months the Yemenis who are now facing death by daily bombardment, famine and epidemic. Despite the world’s outrage, the US and many Western chancelleries continue to give active political, logistical and diplomatic support to the coalition as evidenced by the laser guided bomb sold to Saudi Arabia and dropped by a warplane to kill 40 children aged between 6 and 11 out on a school trip.

This war is not only against Yemenis who have every right to defend themselves but also against all free people of the World who still believe in decency, justice, human rights and the politics of dialogue. We ask you to join your voice to ours and demand the immediate cessation of the Saudi aggression against Yemen and an embargo on the sale of all military equipment to any coalition member.