Stop The Violation Of The Human Rights In Iraq.

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Peace Be Upon You!
                          I am making this petition to ask for the rights of the Iraqi people and to save them from what they are in.
The Iraqi people who are SUFFERING from KILLING and REPRESSION by the military forces and militias that are SNIPING unarmed protesters on the look in front of the Iraqi government  starting  from the last Tuesday 01/10/2019 until this  moment it was the start of the Iraqi demonstrate, the demonstrate is against the modern politicians who are in the government  whom took all the rights and they only brought disasters one after one to this country and by disasters I mean there is NO good education there is NO good electricity there is NO good food there is NO good streets there is NO healthy water there is NO healthy environment there is NO good hospitals there is NO good infrastructures and much more bad things, and those rights were the reasons that made the Iraqi community go and ask for his rights!,to ask for the normal rights for the human being that should have in his normal life.

And when they risen their voice they got killed and insulted and they got beaten and they got shots with a gas bombs and boiled water canon cars by the local police and SWAT and Iraqi army and they got sniped on the hands of militias that are with the modern politicians and the government and in multiple cities in Iraq starting from Baghdad,Nasriye,Amara,Basrah,Diwanye and much more cities 
 And Above all of this repression the Internet is sectioned from all of Iraq except Kurdistan cities,so the world wont see the mass graves that are happening in Iraq now!

We are hoping the world to hear our voice and save us from this savage attitude against us.

This petition was built on 100% true circumstances and reals!