Stop the Religious Bias against Hijab in the Nigerian Law profession

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The constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria allows people the right to life, to association, religion among others. This is supreme and allows people to live fairly and happily with one another.

The Nigerian Law profession thinks otherwise - they need people to think their way, to walk their way, to look their way and talk what they want. They force people to abandon their religion in order to be called "barristers". At every year "call to bar", they ask Muslim ladies who have never exposed their hairs all their lives to remove their hijabs - before they can be allowed to practice Law in the country.

In most Nigerian courts, hijab is not allowed in court, albeit, imported wigs can be worn. This has affected the career of so many Muslim ladies who have gone to law college for 5 years, another 1 year in Law school but have not been allowed to practice until they abandon their religion.

This petition seeks to end this unconstitutional behaviour by the custodians of the constitution, and seeks to call the "body of benchers" to book, end the forced removal of modest dressing before Law can be practised and seeks a free, fair and equal treatment to all persons irrespective of age, sex, religion or nationality.

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