Recycle waste plastic and stop their further production

Recycle waste plastic and stop their further production

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The increased use of polyethylene substances has proven to be a dangerous influence to the environment in the past.

The present day is not only facing global warming and climate change but also the extinction of animals we have read about in story books as a child, for example, the tiger, the giraffe. 

Videos circulated around the internet portrays manmade junk having made the stomach of migratory birds their habitat, plastic straws having found their way inside a turtle's nostrils. And this is only two of the millions of endangered non-human creatures out there.

We have been indifferent to it in the past to only have 135 months left to save the world. And we can achieve that if we join hands together and pledge to make the next few steps with sagacity. 

This is a petition to ban the production of polyethylene substances - from plastic bottles to polythene bags, and to recycle the ones that are found floating in the ocean. We have proven each other over time what we can achieve through technology.

The less plastic there is inside the bellies of animals, the more Mother Earth will thrive. All that has been created must be destroyed, but let us not destroy the planet that made us. In a few years, the dog you love so much might not be there, or the trees growing outside your window will be a far-fetched dream. 

Scientists and researchers have warned us about a possible climate change in the past to only receive a cold shoulder from us. There is no difference between us and Greta Thunberg. She is fighting for the world and we are too.

A change is necessary. And we are the change.

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