Stop the persecution of religious minorities in India

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Nusaybah Khan started this petition to United Nations and

Narendra Modi  has caused nothing but hatred against religious minorities since he was elected as Prime Minister of India in 2014.  Since Modi was elected there have been a drastic increase in religiously motivated assaults, forceful conversions, riots, discrimination, vandalism all to restrict minorities such as Sikhs, Muslims and Christians from practising their own religion.  Police and authorities in India are corrupt and when Hindu mobs shoot and stab minority groups as well as lynch them, the police either turn a blind eye or encourage the violence. 

The Modi government holds a lot of power and they want to establish a government of tyranny and anti-secularism.  The government has managed to pit Hindus against religious minorities as they promote and encourage hatred against these groups. In 2019 Modi established the Citizenship Amendment act which is being used to revoke Muslim individuals citizenship and render them stateless.

I am calling on the United Nations to take action as they have the power, funds and jurisdiction to resolve international conflicts.  The UN security council has the ability to impose sanctions, uphold the human rights of minority groups in India and stop the increasing harassment of these groups.

I am also calling on citizens of the world as spreading awareness of what’s going on in these countries as the government controls the mainstream media organizations in India and therefore there is a lot of biased media and false allegations against religious minority groups.  If people are aware of what is going on, they can lend support, offer financial aid, urge our own governments to condemn the Indian government and spread the word.

There should not be this many hate crimes and deaths and religious minorities should be free to practice religion as they choose.  Mosque, churches and other places of worship should not be burned and destroyed.  Individuals have a fundamental right to live in peace without fear of death.



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0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!