Stop the modern day Slave Trade of Migrants In Libya.

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This trading of young people (both men and women) as slaves in Libya has to come to an end. Seeing our brothers getting sold and being treated like animals is very disheartening. A lot of fingers are being pointed as to who is to blame for these events occuring but that is not the main thing we should focus on here. 

The main thing we should focus on right now is getting those people back home to where they belong. All human lives matter and all human beings are PRICELESS. It is really sad to hear that people are being bought for just a couple of hundred bucks just because they were trying to cross the Mediterrean Sea and enter into Europe.No Human Being should ever be sold.

We should also not ignore the role the European Union has played in enabling such despicable abuse. Joey Ayoub in an Al Jazeera article reported:

"The EU has pushed to curb migration and tighten its borders, but it has not provided alternative safe and legal paths for migrants and refugees. This has inevitably led to more dangerous conditions for people already in transit countries such as Libya. Slavery, unfortunately, has been a direct consequence of that."

The EU has been making it the responsibilty of countries like Libya and Niger to take care of Migrants and refugees without considering the fact that neither of the two has the infrastructure or training to abide by international law and treat migrants humanely.

The EU needs to take responsibility and provide means for sending migrants back to their countries. 

We also need to remand the people that are engaging in the selling of human beings in Libya. We need to make sure that this kind of thing never happens again in Africa.

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