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Stop the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela

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Venezuela is on the brink of dictatorship - people are taken from their homes or killed rioting just because they have different beliefs. There are severe shortages of medical supplies making it very hard for Venezuelans to obtain essential medical care. There are also severe shortages of food and other necessary goods making it very hard to receive adequate nutrition and cover their families basic needs.

The Venezuelans government's response to this has been disgraceful - they're denying that this crisis even exists. They have made barely any effort in implementing polices to stop the crisis on their own, and are only making limited efforts to obtain international humanitarian assistance that could dramatically help to improve their own limited efforts.

While the government continues to waste time saying that this crisis does not exist, Venezuelans' rights to health and food continue to be seriously undermined, with no end in sight.

Time and time again the world has stood by and done nothing simply because they're not a western country or because they have nothing to offer them back in return for their help. THIS HAS TO STOP. Just because of your ethnicity does not mean you are less or more important to anyone else. It is time that we show the Venezuelan people that their voices are not being ignored and that we will do anything in out power to help them.

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