Stop The Genocide in Syria, Stop The Killing Of Children

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Syrian Aid

A 30-day ceasefire was declared by UN, but Government didn't stop shelling and people were in desperate need of help. Syrian Charity, an NGO tried to send aid even in these tough situation but had to abandon as they were under attack by the government army. I request anyone who is self-sufficient to donate any amount you can to either of following charity organization. That is the least we could do to help the people of Syria. SYRIAN CHARITY: An NGO putting their maximum effort to provide basic help to people who are trapped in Eastern Ghouta. AL-KHIDMAT FOUNDATION: A charity organization based in Pakistan, which has joined hands with Turkish Charity to provide food and shelter to the people of Syria. (Please Select SYRIAN CRISIS as a mode of donation) Both organizations are authentic and only care about those who are in need rather than discriminating among pro-gov and anti-gov.

Miran Ul Haq
4 years ago