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Stop the genocide in Southern Cameroons

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The people of Southern Cameroons were agitating for their independence from La Republique Du Cameroun because of the ill treatment given to them by the Government of La Republique Du Cameroun.  The government in response to this agitation decided to shoot and kill the youths even from a flying helicopter,  rape students,  arrest them and take them to unknown destinations. 

On the 1st of October 2017, the people of Southern Cameroons declared their independence and decided to go out and celebrate while hosting their flag. The government of La Republique Du Cameroun who doesn't want that to happened,  deployed military men all over Southern Cameroons to shoot and kill any body found outside and on the streets, they also had military helicopter shooting at unarmed Southern Cameroonians, they also shoot people who were not even on the streets but peacefully sitting in their Houses so am calling on the world to hear the cry of  All Southern Cameroonians and help them from this impending Genocide.  Thank you


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