Stop the ethnic discriminatory targeting of Darfuri students by ruling NCP regime of Sudan

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An Open Letter Regarding the Discriminatory Apartheid Crime of the Ruling NCP Regime of Sudan Against the Students from Darfur Region

We - the undersigned- from all over the world announce our strong rejection and condemnation of the racial criminal scheme of the ruling National Congress Party of Sudan against the Sudanese students descending from Darfur region. 

The security apparatus of the regime faces huge uprising and mass protests against the corruption and mismanagement of its political leadership since 19th of December in 15 states out of the 18 Sudanese states. Protesters took the streets demanding their basic rights of social services and decent life. The security apparatus of the regime responded to these mass movement and demands by using excessive force and brutality killing peaceful protesters. Amensty International reported the number of those killed by 37 victims in the fifth day of the protest on the 24th of December. The number is now higher exceeding 60 martyrs. 

In an attempt to evade these crimes, the security apparatus launched a brutal raid and detained over 40 students descending from Darfur and accused them of being an armed cell who was trained by the Israeli Mossad and who is responsible for vandalism and killing. The government spokesman held a press conference in Sudan National Television and presented these students as criminal. The symptoms of torture were obvious on faces and bodies of the students. Many of their colleagues identified them in social media and presented their public testimonies about their identities who some of them never travelled outside the country. 
The regime is obviously trying its old trick of divide and rule and manipulating the situation, trying to stirring ethnic tensions to divide the united masses taking the streets to end its reign using this racism. We call upon all human rights organisations and international bodies to pay attention to this crime and pressure the Sudanese government to stop these crimes and racial targeting and to provide protection to those young students in the face of the oppression of the ruling National Congress Party and President Bashir.