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Since March 2011, Syria Has Been In The Throes Of A Conflict That Has Forced More Than Half Of All Syrians To Leave Their Homes. An Estimated 4.9 Million Syrians Have Fled The Country And More Than 6 Million Are Internally Displaced. The Crisis, Described As The Worst Humanitarian Disaster Of Our Time, Has Caused Untold Suffering For Syrian Men, Women And Children.
Special Envoys Has Convened The Parties To The United Nations Office At Geneva For Intra-Syrian Talks. Rounds Were Held In The Month Of February
Even After All This A Horrific Air Strike Occurred A Few Days Before Using Chemical Weapons. This Has Gone Way Too Far. Don’t These Attackers Have Any Pity In Them Are They That Heartless. Could The Attackers Not Think What Would Happen If They Were In The Place Of The Victims.
These Conflicts Must Stop As Soon As Possible. All The Countries Must Come Together And Help They Fellow Brothers And Sisters. No Matter What Caste. Race Religion You Belong To We All Are The Part Of One Humanity. These Help Can Be In Form Of Security Which Every Country Can Lend Their Arms And Men To The Country To Prevent From Further Destruction And Loss Of Lives . Or It Can Be In Form Of Food Or Clothing Etc. Many Charity Organizations Are Already Helping Setup These Now Its Only Up To The People To Help Them. The Media Can Play An Important Role In Making The Viewers Aware About The Various Charity Organizations That Are Set Up So That The People Can Donate Something Which They Have In Surplus But Will Be Useful For The Victims Of The War Who Are In Desperate Need Of These.

I Sincerely Request Leaders And Citizens Of Ever Country To Take Immediate Action .


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