Stop the Blood Shed in northern Nigeria

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Currently in Nigeria , tears flow ceaselessly as we are bombarded  with news flash about the "deliberate" killings  and subsequent mass burials  , in Benue State, just the other  day we recorded more than 100 lives  lost in a massacre in  Jos, Plateau State. as reported by   an online newspaper{ }
What is  more worrisome is the fact that the perpetrators are  not in  hiding , and yet our Government or those responsible for stopping this menace are not able to do so for reasons oblivious to me.

It is a pity how , innocent children, women, men even babies  waste away in such  murderous deaths that  could be avoided. It has been on the news how these men rape mothers and daughters at the sight of the fathers and husbands who could loose their lives  in an attempt to protest of which some have. The constant Blood Shed  is alarming and we are seemingly  helpless.

It all started as farmers and herdsmen clash, where herdsmen stubbornly graze on the farms ,  killing any protesting farmer on sight.

Now the latest killings happens in  churches.  Such blood shed must not continue.

This  petition is aimed at invoking the Responsibility to protect of the United Nations  as adopted in 2005  on the ongoing genocide in Nigeria which follows:

The State carries the primary responsibility for protecting populations from genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity and ethnic cleansing, and their incitement;

The international community has a responsibility to encourage and assist States in fulfilling this responsibility;

The international community has a responsibility to use appropriate diplomatic, humanitarian and other means to protect populations from these crimes. If a State is manifestly failing to protect its populations, the international community must be prepared to take collective action to protect populations, in accordance with the UN Charter.

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