Stop Southern Kaduna Genocide Now!

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Thousands of persons, ESPECIALLY CHRISTIANS, have been massacred in their sleep by Fulani herdsmen heavily armed with sophisticated weapons in Southern Kaduna, a Christian-dominated region in Kaduna State of Nigeria. All efforts to get the attention of the Federal Government to take decisive action to stop the genocide have fallen on dead ears as the Government merely folds its hands and watch as these defenseless and hapless residents are attacked night after night and massacred in their sleep.

Several protests and petitions, instead of drawing the sympathy of the Federal Government, have attracted mere lip service and even condemnation of the protesters. It is noteworthy that the governor of the state told the world few years ago that HE PAID THE MURDERERS LARGE SUMS to stop them from further carnage. The governor, thereby, admits that he not only knows the murderers but even met them, but rather than bring them to book he chose to REWARD them with large sums for a job well done!

It is time for the world to wake up from its slumber and come to the rescue of the defenseless citizens of Southern Kaduna who faces a genocide unless something drastic is done on their behalf. A stitch in time, they say, saves nine!