Stop sentence of Saudi jailed human rights activists

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Every year, hundreds of innocent people die at the hands of cruel Saudi dictators. Saudi Arabia is an autocratic country, ruled by its Royal Family. The Nation is at war with its neighbouring and inferior country, Yemen. A couple of weeks ago, Saudi Arabia did a heinous crime by dropping a bomb at a school bus in Yemen killing nearly 40 innocent children. And now, they are about to behead 5 innocent people. Why, simply because of their expression against the inhuman monarchs of Saudi Arabia and they stood up for rights of common people. Freedom of expression is banned in Saudi Arabia by its government. We stand with the Canadian government in support of human rights globally and stopping the Saudi government from executing the innocent human right activists.

Another example of the Saudi’s cruelty is the following:

Raif Badawi is a human rights activist and writer who has been arrested in 2012 by Saudi government for speaking out against human rights violation in Saudi Arabia. His sister and also other Saudi human rights activists were arrested in 2018 by Saudi Arabian government. Saudi government is seeking capital punishment for many of the human right activists including a woman named Israh al Ghomgham. Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister, Chrystia Freeland, criticized the arrest. In response to this criticism, the Saudi Arabian government has expelled the Canadian Ambassador from the country and froze all trade with Canada at once.    

It is our job to protest against the killings and hardships of innocent people at the hands of Saudi dictators. If you agree, make sure to sign this petition in support of oppressed and against oppressive Saudi government.