Stop Rapping of Women/Girls in Republic of South Sudan

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Rapping of  women and girls in South Sudan must  stop. Rapping of women/girls in south Sudan has becoming monotonous. If men in the country are the one committing such grieve and  brutal act who else can defend or protect those women and girls. Rapping is happening everywhere in South Sudan. Women and girls are feeling insecure within their own country and from their own brothers. Let's not forget that its women who are suffering the most. Therefore by signing this partition you would have help women and girls in south Sudan to be free , and become secure and gain trust of movements in their own country.  Let's stand in solidarity with women and girls of south Sudan during this difficult time. The world is fighting global pandemic of COVID19 while women and girls in south Sudan are fighting two battles. The battle of Covid19 and the battle to be free from being rapped. Please let's sign this partition to stop the rapping of women and girls in south Sudan  .