Cruelty to animals-Stop overvaccination/vaccination beyond a certain age for dogs and cats

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We have all heard of accidental drug overdose but have you heard of intentional drug overdose? Read on.

I had a pug which was 9.8 years old on the day of her death .Her death was due to sheer negligence .We took her to the vet as her vaccination was due .We also wanted to get her coat and eyes cleaned. She has had allergic reactions to vaccinations before but they were never that  serious. We cautioned the vet too regarding the reactions she has had before . She was healthy and playful prior to her vet appointment .At the clinic, the  vet cleaned her coat and trimmed her nails . She was completely normal .He then administered the vaccines . 5 minutes after the vaccination she developed an allergic reaction, got a cardiac arrest and  passed away . I’m heartbroken ! Nothing can be done to bring her back ! Im traumatised and I really think over vaccination  has  to be stopped  !!!! The vaccinations given were Nobivac Rabies and Nobivac parainfluenza. The next day, I drove to the clinic to discuss her death with the vet. I was told they knew what they were doing and that they were just following protocol . When I asked why they didn’t caution us regarding the side effects,they told me even paracetamol has a lot of side effects !!!!! I’m haunted by her death !!!  I do not want this to happen to anyone else !!!! These kind of vaccinations seem to be doing more harm than good ! I have been reading up a lot  on the side effects of vaccinations since her death. Rabies vaccine side effects seem to be extraordinary! So many dogs seem to get seizures etc etc on a routine basis  .. my pug got an anaphylactic shock due to which she died. She presumably must have had antibodies already present in her body.  This coupled with the deadly vaccine combo killed her . Anaphylaxis is a common side effect of vaccine combos  . I’m traumatised . I keep imagining her beatific face in my head and I’m unable to sleep . I do not want any other animal to suffer like this .  Vaccination procedure should be safer !!! 

Can you imagine my angels final moments ? The pain she must have felt ? She died due to a vaccine which ironically is supposed to prevent her from death. If this is the case,why bring an animal home ? Aren’t they better off on the streets ? Animals deserve better ! They do not deserve this cruel world ! Let’s make this world a better place for them to live ! Let our homes and practices be safer and more humane ! Studies have shown that dogs acquire immunity at the age of 7. Why do they need vaccinations then if they already have antibodies due to previously administered vaccines ?  Vaccinating them  beyond a certain age when antibodies are already present is completely unnecessary and can be fatal  . Also, vaccination dosage should not be the same for all the breeds .For instance,a pugs size and stature is completely different from that of a Great Dane ! Their small bodies can not handle as much dosage as a Great Dane ! Vaccination programs  have to be designed keeping the breed in mind . It’s impossible otherwise  ! I request the authorities concerned to introduce new reforms . This is the 21st century and it’s high time we do something about this ! Let my angels death not go in vain . Vaccinations seem to be as dangerous as cigarettes these days and should carry a warning! Titer tests should be made mandatory! Only if these tests fail to show the appropriate level of antibodies should the vaccines be given !