Stop Massacre Of Innocent Children & Send Pakistani Army To Syria

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Please stop killing in Syria, stop massacre of innocent children and people who even don't know their fault, i think their fault is they're all muslim they're all residents of an islamic state this is their fault,However humanity has no religion.In Quraan Pak Allah says "If one man is murered it's all mankind's murder".So please stop killing them they're all innocent, if you want to kill, kill those terrorist who oppression on humans in any where in the world.I beg to Pakistani Government to send Medical, Food and Military Aid for poor people of Syria who are suffering from war.If we do not raise voice for them today so tommorow no one will raise voice for us.Being a Muslim, our duty is to help our Muslim brothers,I beg to all musilim brothers and sisters from all over the world, all media houses of Pakistan, all organizations of human rights, all leaders of muslim counties and non muslim counties to raise voice for stop massacre killing and oppression in Syria, and give them Medical, Food and Military Aid.I hope people of Syria will return to peace with our efforts.