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Stop Companies From Using Unsustainable Palm Oil

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My name is Zoe Castelli and I am trying to stop conflict palm oil. You may have heard of it, but many big snack companies like: Kraft Heinz, Krispy Kreme, and much more, are using unsustainable palm oil in their snack products. This is not okay because it hurts the environment and the community. The companies need to cut down rainforests to make room for the plantations, and grow palms. Clearing the rainforests not only destroys the rainforests, but destroys the habitat of thousands of creatures making them homeless. The companies also use child/adult labor. A lot of the workers intend to work there temporarily for some extra money, but end up working there for years with their uneducated children who can’t afford healthcare. This is why we need to stop companies from using unsustainable palm oil while they could be using sustainable palm oil that does not harm the environment, and pays a lot better.


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