SMS DWF Advisory Committee

SMS DWF Advisory Committee

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Started by Dees Knuts

SMS needs new leadership.  SMS DWF would be the most logical choice.  To put it simple, they fuck.

The proposed Leadership Council will be comprised of:

Ankles:  Director of Academics, Ambassador to Moms

CY:  Director of Food and Nutrition, Words of Encouragement Czar

RayRay:  Campus Improvement Campaign Chair, Social Committee Co-Chair (specializing in doing things without kids)

S-Balls:  Director of communication, Social Committee Co-Chair (specializing in how to try to do things without kids)

B-Ed:  Director of Real Estate, Works Closely with Ankles on the Moms Committee - specializing in single moms

HendJob:  Director of Technology and Cool Shit, Cycling Team Head Coach

Szymasdlkasdjlk:  Finance Director - Bank Guy,  Ambassador to Michigan

CoachM:  Our Leader, All around good guy

BigD:  Head of fundraising, Part of the Moms Committee (pending release of restraining order)

Alangatang: Principal - see update for more

We hope you will consider our petition.  These guys do indeed fuck.

6 have signed. Let’s get to 10!