Shut Down the Genocidal Concentration Camps in China

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China has described Islam as being a "contagious disease" and their thoughts are not just stopping at the words they express. Muslims in China, specifically in the Xinjiang region, are being taken and forced into concentration camps, much like the ones which existed during the Second World War.

Muslims are being beaten and assaulted in more ways than can be imagined. They are being forced to consume pork and alcohol, both prohibited from Islam, and they cannot do anything to stop this or they would be met with more pain and torture; their loved ones may even face similar fates. Medical experiments have been introduced along with medicine which makes women infertile, China's way of minimizing the number of Muslims in the world. These are just a few of the endless horrors China is inflicting on Muslims, all with the end goal of ethnically cleansing Muslims from society.

There are currently over 1 million Muslims trapped in these camps, which China calls "re-education centers." Not one person should have to go through this for any reason.

We are letting history repeat itself and very little is being done to stop it. China wants the world to let them continue with these immoral and inhumane actions, but we can't let that happen.

Save the Uyghur Muslims. No one of any ethnicity deserves to go through what they are and this needs to be stopped immediately.