Women in Cameroon are calling on the United Nations Security Council to Intervene now.

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Our streets have been painted red with blood, our sons, daughters and husbands killed, our daughters, sisters and mothers raped. Our homes are burnt down and we live in the bushes with our new-born babies. Why is no one listening?  Why is no one coming to our rescue? Why is the world silent?

Since October 2016, activists from the English speaking Southern Cameroon have been intensifying their age long quest for independence from La Republique du Cameroon. The government`s response to their protests and reaction of the activists to the response have been very violent leading to the destruction of hundreds of villages and thousands of people fleeing their homes.

Sources at the Norwegian Refuge council estimate that over 430.000 persons have been displaced by this crisis and at least 30.000 have fled to neighboring Nigeria. The number of deaths cannot be said with certainty but an estimated number stands at about 6000s - civilians, soldiers and separatists.

Women in Cameroon like others do not start armed conflicts, yet they suffer most during crisis. They are frustrated out of their homes, made widows or childless, raped and physically abused but they continue to show and give love. They cater to the needs of humanity at all levels during and after war.

As mothers of the nation, we are calling for dialogue and negotiations so that peace can return to our communities. We are tired of burying our children and not being able to feed those who are alive. We are tired of living in bushes. We therefore stand up to say no to violence and yes to dialogue. No to war and yes to peace.

Please help me sign this petition so that the UN can intervene for state and the non-state armed groups NSAG to cease fire and STOP THE KILLINGS NOW. Women in the North West and South West are there for #Dialogue and Peace. Women’s Task force in the North West and South West (#SNWOT) says STOP THE KILLINGS NOW

Support these women for CHANGE