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We urge the international community to save the Kurdistan Region

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Greetings of peace and freedom :
The Kurdish people are now going through a very dangerous situation
The return of the Kurdish city of Kirkuk and the recognition of the referendum in the Kurdistan Region in Iraq will be a factor for stability and the achievement of equality.This is the fact that the international community and the civilized world should recognize and act in order to affirm the call of duty and the moral obligation to conscience and conscience As a result it will be respect for his entity.
now 70 million kurds are looking forward to the independence of Kurdistan, where it was the biggest setback for the Kurdish people, which appeals to the international community to do its duty otherwise the course will be different brutal provocations of the Shiite popular mobilization forces sectarian will make the people of the region enter the taboo.In the recent period, it is clear that there is an appeal for alliances between the political Islam corridors in all its Shiite and Sunni dimensions, threatening speeches emanating from Ottoman Turkey, the occupation of Kirkuk City by Iran and its expansion in Kurdish cities, and Itturns out agreements secretly of the Arab lobby ( 22 Country ) With regard to Kurdistan.
The Liberal Kurdish people have always been besieged  in the Middle East and occupied by four of the most oppressive dictatorships in the world and societies with racist sectarian ideologies that Which includes, disseminates and supports terrorism in all forms and names.
Which often put a red line on them by the international community, these terrorists move smoothly to another name and another form, but with the same brutality, after the end of its sectarian and religious terrorism project, now the Iraqi government After end of its sectarian and  Religious terrorism project it did moved to its second project, which is racist terrorism and totalitarianism, and now seem the introduction of Iraq into a conflict based on ethnic cleansing Through murder, displacement and incitement , and it is not absent that the Kurds have reached a state of chokingand have always been liberal tendency to abandon the Islamic bottom and this is hated by advocatesof repressive religions Which has now led to resulted in the emergence of global terrorism, and the ongoing sectarian and racial wars Because of regional conflicts of Muslim peoples , Now the Kurdish people in Iraq and Syria are now paying the price of these conflicts Atthe expense of the blood of their youth.
The explosion of the current situation , which is not only a threat to peace and stability in the region, but also threatens peace and international security in full.The Kurdish people have the right to self-determination and to build their independent state, which was and is still possible to be a key factor for peace, security and stability, and to confront the forces of terrorism.
The denial of the legitimate right of the people of Kurdistan to self-determination and to live in dignity on the soil of its fragmented homeland can only be And to be a major reason among the reasons to destabilize security, stability and peace in the region and if the countries that share the Kurdistan failed over a century to eliminate the Kurdish people and his aspirations fair and legitimate despite all the inhumane methods that were used against him and against his freedom, We call on the civilized world and international security to save and support Kurdistan Region in Iraq and help them to achieve their freedom and to preserve their national security inflamed and their right to self-determination and to recognize the people's referendum.
Kurdistan will be the first step correct in addressing the problems of Iraq and to ensure peace and stability with him, especially as the Kurdish people currently represents the front line of the liberal world in the face of international terrorism and represents the only oasis of national coexistence and Religious in the desert conflicts, where the Kurdistan Region has always been a home for coexistence and cultural and religious pluralism, it will certainly contribute to the support of stability and peace and balanced relations with neighboring countries.
The time has come for the world to benefit from the Kurdistan element and to invest it in favor of International peace and security and stability with Iraq and with other neighbors and put an end to wars and regional conflicts directly or by proxy and everyone knows what constitutes the recognition of the legitimate human rights of the people of Kurdistan of Iraq from the application of the right and justice and The principles of the United Nations and human rights.
Now Kurdistan is suffering from a suffocating siege And the occupation of its cities
We appeal to you to intervene and stop the attack on our people And the return of the usurped cities
And supporting the Peshmerga, who are fighting sectarian terrorism
We call on free countries to take a stand, like Germany and Israel, and we will remain grateful
We never wanted to become barbaric as our enemies
Humanity misses you


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