UNSC Support Ethiopia's Sovereignty

UNSC Support Ethiopia's Sovereignty

4 March 2021
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Started by Esleman Abay

ጥሪ ለኢትዮጵያ ሉዓላዊነት

The provisional admin of Tigray is doing its best to help& rebuild Tigray. The people need our solidarity. It is disturbing to hear that the TPLF wing in the diaspora is keeping millions of dollars raised in the name of the people! This is betrayal!

The foiled strategy, as the TPLFite Sekou Toure described, was to conduct a “blitzkrieg” assault on ENDF & swiftly capture the major cities & coordinate terrorist attacks. In the chaos, the TPLF would sneak back to power& reestablish itself in its former position. FAILED

The United Nations SecurityCouncil (UNSC) should impose sanction on TPLFisTerrorist leadership & affiliates in response to its threat to Int’l peace & security

TPLF facilitated conflicts in & among HOA states, leading HOA to further fragility& instability. Ethiopia’s effort to stop TPLF from posing further challenge should be supported, not sanctioned.

In one of the most barbaric turn of events, TPLF perpetrated genocide in MaiKadra. In this tragic incident, over a thousand unarmed, largely seasonal laborers of mostly Amharas were savagely slaughtered. Amnesty International has reported! All know

TPLF is aTerroristGroup fabricated & exaggerated humanitarian crisis using its agents in int’l instns & media to shift the blame & global attention from their heinous crimes & to mount int’l pressure on Ethiopia

The UNSC & the Int'l Community should not be duped & mislead by #TPLF's highly organized & orchestrated disinformation & deception cyber campaign.

Tigray Region was already on the verge of food shortage and humanitarian crisis as the crop production was detrimentally affected by climate change, land infertility, and desert locust.

TPLF supporters & sympathizers keep presenting exaggerated figures of people in need of humanitarian aid to enable TPLF to revive financially & logistically to conduct insurgency against the federal govt.

The idea that TPLF should be dignified w/ any sort of engagement, much less recognition as a legitimate political party after treasonous crimes it committed would have been completely ludicrous if it was not a seriously rotten proposition

TPLF's dual-track strategy, start a war If u win declare victory& celebrate if u lose cry victim & start z disinformation campaign Bware #TPLF is lie personified

Ethiopia is rebuilding TigrayRegion whose infrastructure is intentionally damaged & destroyed by retreating TPLF forces. TPLF fights 4 power & money, not 4 z people of the region.

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Signatures: 249Next Goal: 500
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