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Urgent help for people from Aleppo who are trapped in Idlib

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Dear World, I am French and I have a friend who is currently in Idlib, in danger of death. Tonight the last events are very alarming. I finish my conversation with him with hope that is not the last. At a time when some want to build walls , close borders, I want to raise my voice for these people, who lived months under the bombs, besieged Aleppo,who live horror that nobody can imagine. After the survivors have moved to Idlib with absolutely nothing , they waited day after day for help, which after more than one month still not come. They are the forgotten of Aleppo.There are families , women, children who die everyday, like I saw in WadiBarada, recently ,  crimes are taking place under our eyes and this seems permissible, it seems to no longer revolt, as if it were a habit, almost normal. Not for me. Who people who read me , please don't forget them, I want them to live , simply because they don't want to die and they don't deserve to die. Don't think your voice will not listen , join me by sign the petition and be a voice for them, be human. Please share , and never forget Aleppo. Thanks. #StandWithAleppo . #IamAvoiceofAleppo 

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