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Suspend and Ban Cameroon from the Commonwealth, Sanction Paul Biya for Human Rights abuse.

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* That Paul Biya,  president of the republic of Cameroon,  having banned internet in the southern Cameroon,  have utterly disconnected me from communication with my family back home hence I am unable to confirm if they are OK in the middle of the kiosk in the country which have led to my suffering a partial heart attack. 

* That my son have been unable to attend school throughout this year and I cannot reach my family to confirm his well being and he is being denied his right to education due to the inhumane activities going on in the country which led to the close down of schools. 

* that I am unable to reach out to any lawyer or law firm to make any legal complains as they too are being hindered from their duties as such even if the internets were restored today,  no courts are operational for me to make formal complaint to defend the abuse of my child's education rights. 

* that I might not be able to reach my children and family in a long while as most Southern Cameroonians returning home are considered by securities forces as returning to join to fight against the government hence many are arrested.

* that I'm currently undergoing medications for heart problems at my young age of 31 due to unrest and fear of the state of my children and relatives in Cameroon whom I'm unable to reach for to the internet blackout

* That most of the kiosk and killing is happening particularly in the city where my family is and that gives me great concern as images being posted online shows that people are dying and being brutalised and I fear my family maybe wrongly victimised in the process of this is not brought to an abrupt end. 

* That my mom have been fully confirmed of High Blood pressure due to the thought of her son (my brother)  being missing in the middle of this crisis of which we have no update of his were about till now and have no one to talk to confirm his state of well being. 

* I believe if the president, Paul Biya is not brought to book and held accountable for his crimes against humanity, more of this abuses and Human Rights violations will continue and many more families will continue to suffer and more children denied their rights to education,  and if nothing is done,  other self centered leaders may think they can do same and bathing can be done to them by anyone.  

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