Support Iraqi uprising and stop the atrocities against its people

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As a human before being Iraqi, I urge you to step up, and help the Iraqi people by condemning and exposing the unhinged atrocities committed daily, all of which documented and verified, since the begging of last month and continues today to quell and uproot the peaceful mass street protests of young people who dared to dream of a better life that they are deprived off, because of corruption, Iranian influence, it's brutal militias and a constitution that perpetuates sectarian division.

Hundreds of unarmed Iraqi youths, children, men and women died and thousands more injured in the past few days alone all over Iraq, killed by Iranian backed militias and government forces using sharp shooters, military grade gas canisters fired directly and shamelessly at the protesters with murderous intention resulting in fatal head and limb wounds, as well as ramming people and mowing them down by official heavy police trucks.

Internet was deliberately cut and media outlets based in Iraq were attacked and burned by Iranian backed militias with journalists injured and were subject to mock execution.

The internet is awash with damming evidence and groesowm videos and many media outlet has started to expose these atrocities.

As the Iranian puppet government in Baghdad is losing ground to the masses, it is expected that an extremely brutal and desperate action will be taken in the next few hours and days, if not started already.

Please protect Iraqi People with urgent action and help bring international pressure and media attention to the plight of the Iraqis and exert pressure on the Iranian stooges in the Green zone as this will definitely save many young and innocent lives.

Awaiting eagerly your action