Stop Violence in Yemen

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Three years ago, Saudi Arabia began a military intervention in Yemen.


Today, the consequences are eye-watering. UN reports show that, of all the parties to the conflict, the Saudi-led coalition is responsible for the majority of civilian deaths. And that the coalition has used "the threat of starvation as an instrument of war".

As the shocking pattern of indiscriminate violence became clear, many of our European allies have withdrawn support for the coalition. But despite all that we now know, the UK continues to arm, train and advise the Saudi military. After three years of conflict, the humanitarian situation is now so bad we've reached a tipping point. Eight million Yemenis are on the brink of starvation; the UK must change tack or be complicit in the consequences. 

The UK holds influence with Saudi Arabia. And the UK coordinates UN Security Council action on Yemen. If enough MPs tell foreign secretary Boris Johnson to put the lives of Yemeni civilians above arms sales and to work objectively for peace talks without preconditions, he has to listen.

Please share this message around your network and send the message to the government of UK and other Allies to stop this war.