Stand Against the Cold Blooded Massacres in Syrian War & Bring Down the Raging Fire.

Stand Against the Cold Blooded Massacres in Syrian War & Bring Down the Raging Fire.

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Over the years of civil war in Syria, it has gone worse for past weeks. And hundreds of civilians in Damascus in Eastern Ghouta were terrorize by indiscriminate bombing raids on civilians. Over the weeks they have been cases of more than 600 civilians  killed and more than 1,000 citizens were injured and they have targeted the medical hospitals. According to the Human Right Watch “First respondent have told Human Rights Watch that medical facilities and secondary medical points have also been attacked. In one instance on February 21, a bomb directly struck an ambulance arriving at the scene of a strike. Overall, at least 23 medical centers have been attacked since the offensive started, according to local medical workers.”

Last Saturday, the UN Security Council, including Russia, passed a resolution of ceasefire but despite the agreements that has been passed, Syrian government continues with genocide in the heart of Damascus Eastern Ghouta by bombing raids killing innocent civilians and leaving hundreds of children and other civilians with no shelter, no foods to eat.So much beyond our imagination there were number of cases reported by BBC saying that Syrian women, girls are forced to pay for aid with “Sexual services.” Such inhuman practice should be removed as soon as possible to protect the rights of women and children in Syria.

We the students from Department of social work St. Joseph’s college Bangalore, urge like minded people, civil societies intellectuals and international NGOs  specifically Human Right council bring a immediate solution to resolve this inhuman practice in Syria. Hereby students of St. Joseph’s college call for end of the civil war and urge world leaders and call for a peace dialogue among the leaders on current Assad Regime’s extreme violence against their civilians.

We are writing this petition to call the civil societies world leaders to open up and be the voice of voiceless people in Syria under this unavoidable human right violation that’s happening in Syria since 2011. To achieve this goal they need to be heard through us, there is no time to wait and watch, we did it enough from the past 8 years, seeing the crisis and doing nothing.



Dept. of social work

St. Josephs College (Autonomous)

Bangalore, Karnataka , India