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Separate State for Rohingyan Muslims

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Muslims are living in Myanmar since centuries yet they have been denied citizenship of the country. Not just that they have no rights, they are facing systematic persecution, even at the hands of the Government. Following are some excerpts from the United Nations' Website (see: ):

"The devastating cruelty to which these Rohingya children have been subjected is unbearable – what kind of hatred could make a man stab a baby crying out for his mother's milk. And for the mother to witness this murder while she is being gang-raped by the very security forces who should be protecting her,”

 “What kind of 'clearance operation' is this? What national security goals could possibly be served by this? The gravity and scale of these allegations begs the robust reaction of the international community”

OHCHR noted that more than half of the women its human rights team interviewed reported having suffered rape or other forms of sexual violence. Many other interviewees reported witnessing killings, including of family members and having family who were missing.

The report also cites consistent testimony indicating that hundreds of Rohingya houses, schools, markets, shops, madrasas and mosques were burned by the army, police and sometimes civilian mobs. Witnesses also described the destruction of food and food sources, including paddy fields, and the confiscation of livestock.

It also noted that several people were killed in indiscriminate and random shooting – many while fleeing for safety.

“Numerous testimonies collected from people from different village tracts…confirmed that the army deliberately set fire to houses with families inside, and in other cases pushed Rohingyas into already burning houses,” the report states.

“Testimonies were collected of several cases where the army or Rakhine villagers locked an entire family, including elderly and disabled people, inside a house and set it on fire, killing them all.”

"Many witnesses and victims also described being taunted while they were being beaten, raped or rounded up, such as being told “you are Bangladeshis and you should go back” or “What can your Allah do for you? See what we can do?”

The current situation is that the Muslims are being forced to flee their centuries old homeland. The current count of people who have fled to Bangladesh is 270,000.

It has now become necessary that as was done in East Timor, the Muslims of Myanmar be granted a land of their own in Rakhine province where Muslims are mostly facing persecution.



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