Save Humanity

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We urge conscious peoples of the world including United Nations Security Council (UNSC) and the office of the Prosecutor International Criminal Court (ICC) to initiate appropriate action, to safeguard the human lives of Kashmiris who are under the military might.

India has robbed the constitutional Special Status of Occupied Jammu and Kashmir, by-passing the Constitutional mechanism.

It is worth mentioning here that Kashmir is a disputed territory and has numerous resolutions passed by the UNSC on People Right of Self Determination.

The people of Kashmir are living without basic Human Rights. There has been a complete clampdown on internet and other means of communication after the Indian Parliament Scrapped the special status of Kashmiris.

Jammu and Kashmir specifically the valley of Kashmir is the hardest area for living with the absence of basic human rights. The total 94,968 people have been killed by Indian Security Forces in Jammu Kashmir excluding custodial Killing of 7,081. The total killings are 102,055; Rape is being used as weapon of War, Torture, enforced Disappearances, Human Shield, Arbitrary Detention and numerous other War crimes are being committed by Indian Security forces.

There have been many reports on gross human rights violations in Kashmir from International Organizations including the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) directing Indian to end the excessive use of force against civilian population of Kashmir. More so, they have recommended that India should respect the Right of Self-Determination demanded by the Kashmiris.

This petition urges to the conscious peoples of the world especially the Honorable member states of UNSC and the Office of the Prosecutor International Criminal Court (ICC) to intervene and take immediate action in order to save lives of 1.25 Billion peoples.