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Refugees Should Be Treated Like Us

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Do you ever stop and consider how lucky you are?

The Syrian refugee crisis has become a global issue. A refugee is someone who is forced to leave their country because of danger. Today, there are over 16,700,000 refugees worldwide. We believe every refugee should get a chance to experience a life like ours.

We strongly believe this is a serious inequality because if people don't care about the way refugees are treated, then the refugees won’t get any basic needs for a good life such as education.This is important because without education they will not have a good job and future. According to the OECD Better Life Index, Norway and Finland have the best education. But since they have donated 240 dollars to each refugee they are not letting refugees into the country. We think refugees should be allowed to enter countries that provide good education.

We consider it important to give refugees free healthcare and safety. This is important because in the first eight months refugees got healthcare from the United Nations but since then refugees have not been getting adequate health care. This leads to a high number of deaths and risk. While NGOs have been taking action, refugees still need a lot of help on this issue.

Our last reason is refugees deserve better housing than the current refugee camps provided. After a visit to a Syrian refugee camp in Lebanon, we found out how different our lives are compared to theirs, especially the state of our house compared to theirs. This is important because, every person needs a shelter to live. If someone has an unstable house that is not very well built and someone else has a solid concrete house, in the case of a natural disaster there will be a big difference in the damage. How would you feel if you were in their shoes? Would you look up to people with better shelters and think to yourself, will I ever live like them? We know this because when after the visit, we asked the leader of the refugee camp how do you feel when you look up to places or houses that are better than yours and I could see what he meant.

Therefore, for the reasons we have stated we think that every refugee should have a life that is similar to everyone else's. You should help by donating money to IRC or by visitng a refugee camp, see what they need and give it to them. This is important because even if you make only the slightest change in their life, like giving them ten books, you are one of their heroes and they will remember you for the rest of their lives. This will make the world issue of refugees better because you are changing the refugees life and making them feel more like they are at home.

You can watch my visit to the refugee camp in this video below:

Timmy Hogfors and Lukas Schmidt

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