President Buhari should stop Fulani herdsmen from slaughtering Nigerians

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President Buhari belongs to the Fulani tribe who are traditionally cattle rearers, and basically nomadic. Problems have recurrently occurred in the past because the Fulani herdsmen would take their cattle to graze on people's farmlands, ruining their crops which resulted in terrible clashes. However, upon President Buhari becoming president, the herdsmen have been empowered, using AK 47 guns and living above the law. The president also said the military will be responsible for guarding them. Since then, the Fulani herdsmens atrocities have escalated with killings worse than Boko Haram, and not limited to the North. There have been whole towns wiped out including women and children; with unborn babies cut out from their mothers. People are slaughtered in cold blood and cut into pieces. They claim to be protecting their cows. There is a video (though very gruesome) that captures how inhuman these herdsmen are - showing them holding down victims and using knives to slit their throats and burst their heads; too horrific to post here. Unfortunately they appear to have the support of the President.  President Buhari needs to be sanctioned. Unchecked, this wickedness threatens the very existence of Nigeria as it is; and peace in the region.  A colleague -Medical doctor became one of their victims recently, and to be frank, no one is safe with the present state of things. What used to seem like an abstract is  fast becoming more real everyday, with known/ close people becoming victims




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