Peace for Syria - An Appeal to United Nations

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An APPEAL to United Nations

From All Indians who think Humanity has to Live to keep the World Alive.

We are terribly shaken by the ruthless killing of innocent lives at Syria.

Since March 2011, we have already lost Five lakh lives in this war. In last month alone the death toll has crossed 1240 says a SNHR report. The war hasn't stopped even after seven years, but it is still continuing. This couldn't be borne by us.

Brutality and Injustice are staged without any hindrances in Syria. In addition to that, all other nations jump into this war for no solution and turn their army personnel too as casualties. A perfect Genocide is taking place against Syrians. We, who felt it is not fair to remain as mute spectators decided to voice out against the Elements that shatter World Peace.

We are aware that the UN Humanitarian Coordinator in Syria has appealed to Cease fire. UN’s Human rights Chief has made a statement that the war at Eastern Ghouta would be declared as War Crime probably. The UN High Commissioner has expressed that it is high time to reverse this catastrophic course through the International Criminal Court. The top aid officials have requested for evacuation of civilians and have provided humanitarian aids to them. 

We also see this war as Violation of Human Rights and great Threat to World Peace. We all make a plea to United Nations Organization to take Syria in your Safe hands and refrain all other nations’ army from remaining in Syria. We also make an appeal to restore Peace at Syria, on mutual acceptance between the two Muslim communities in Syria, regarding living area and their leaders. 

We thought our Silence in expecting the War to cease on its own is not a right. So we have made this Appeal to UN seeking a Permanent End to this Syria war. Kindly excuse, if any of the facts or points included above are incorrect or out of scope.

We hope that this petition would gain enough supporters across the world with humanity still in them to reach out rest of the people who move with their routine life. We strongly believe that the United Nations will soon take the whole situation under control and Save Syria. 

Thank you!