Palestine is Judea, The Roman Name for 'Land of the Jews'

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Israel has never occupied another peoples' land in all her 4,000 year recorded history. Israel is also the world's most accused country of occupying another peoples' land. Either history or the UNSC has got it wrong. Very wrong. Both cannot be right.

If the wrong party is unable or unwilling to correct its error, it will be catering not to an illegal occupation but its underlying Caliphate doctrine. The Arabs do not need lands of the Jews and a Caliphate is not limited to Israel. Today's global chaos and mayhem in the west affirms what was confirmed by many groups and peoples in the Middle-East, inclduing the Copts, Kurds, Bahai, Lebanese and Christians. The UN is legitimizing a new Arab Caliphate that will replace the Ottoman Caliphate.

The truth is that Arabs are not Palestinians, natives or refugees of Palestine, and anyone having a grandfather or house built here within the last 100 years does not make them natives, refugees or Palestinians. There has never been a time in 3,000 years when no Jews inhabited this land, evidenced by the Crusaders, the Mohammedan invasions, the Ottomans and the British surveys of the 1800's. Not all the Jews were displaced from their homeland; a 3,000 year census in my book evidences this historical truth.

The birthplace of King David and Jesus Christ are not illegally occupied by Israel; it is illegally occupied by the Arabs - one million archaeological relics, including the Dead Sea Scrolls, say so. To achieve this greatest of all lies of the modern world, the UN had to accept the transfer of a 2,000 year name from Jews to Arabs in the 1960's, create a ficticious new region called as West Bank, and account a 3-state in the same land as a 2-state. This even after the UN itself ratified Jordan as the 2-state in 1948, thereby it is more than poor maths. The truth is true natives do not rob the names of other natives as their credence.

The truth is, should the UN not overturn such grave errors, it will have to also grant the Jews 2-states in Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen, where the Jews lived for 2,600 years as refugees displaced from their homeland. The UN cannot justify its own criteria against the Jews and Israel, that it supports for the Arabs. The UN must make it clear to those nations who overwhelm the Security Council and General Assembly by laws enacted against Israel via anti-Semitism, Pay-4-Play deals and Commercial agendas; else the UN will have no respect or usage in time to come.

The truth is, the UN and OSLO's actions have graver consequences for Christians and Muslims than for Israel: the entire Gospels has to be re-written, which says Bethlehem is in the 'Land of Israel' [Matt.2:20] - think of the print job! The Quran also acknowledges Palestine as the land of the Jews [Qur’an 5:21], thereby its contradicting impacts the legitimate history and culture of the Muslims as well.

The UN must abolish the falsehood of Arabs as Palestinians, a doctrine concieved in 1960 to allow Israel to forever be charged of illegally occupying Israel. The UN must boldly and fully abolish a 3-state in Palestine and dismiss the premise of West Bank, the region that Jordan illegally annexed in 1948 and part of Israel. The UN must steadfastly negate Arabs as refugees, because they are the least credible people of such an allocation: the Arabs were handed some 30 states in the region that never existed 80 years ago. The only refugees of Palestine are some one million Jews who had to flee murders, pogroms, confiscations of homes and businees by Arabs. 

The UN has caused the Middle-East problems by not doing her mandated works in Ten Instances concerning Israel. 

Ten Deceptions: