Oromia National Transitional Government (ONTG)

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Call of Duty for Oromia National Transition Government!

The Ethiopian Government’s constitutional legitimacy expired as of October 5th, 2020. Unfortunately, the promised reform, fair and free election also never took place. It is the moral obligation of Oromos and the international community to safeguard Oromia and avoid human catastrophes that can potentially occur when a country remains without a government. 

The illegally operating military and security forces are indiscriminately cracking down on innocent civilians, political dissent, activists, journalists, and prominent Oromo communities and religious leaders. As we speak, hundreds of thousands of Oromo prisoners are suffering behind bars. A country should not be governed by a fully armed terrorist military group. Instead, it should only be governed by an elected government through a fair and free election. The political, economic, and social crises in the country, particularly in Oromia, are in the worst state. 

In this particular case, we are suggesting for Oromo people to determine their own virtue through peaceful transition with the help of the current Oromo party leaders and key figures. As we all know, we have arrived at a historical period when Oromos are dominated by an iron fist of criminal military power.

The Oromo Liberation Front proposed a widely supported initiative for the establishment of the Oromia National Transitional Government (ONTG) to pave the way to a democratic, fair, and free election. It is a temporary governmental authority that will be set up to manage a political transition following the collapse of the previous government, in this case, the Abiy government. Oromia National Transitional Government (ONTG) will prepare constitutional charter documents and facilitate an election process. It will also be accountable to secure the peace and stability of the nation.  

To this end, we count on you to support the Oromia National Transitional Government agenda and build a pathway to a better nation. By standing together, we can bring an end to the suffering of our people and work towards building Oromia! Kindly, show your support by signing this petition.