Justice for Uyghur Muslims

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  •  The Uyghurs are an ethic and religious minority group in northwest China (Byler, 2018).
  • Despite lack of media coverage, Uighur Muslim’s have been subjected to extreme displays of prejudice and discrimination by the People’s Republic of China for many years (Osborne, 2018).
  • Government officials have deemed Islam a crime and are sending Muslims to re-education camps where they are forced to denounce Islam, commit Islamic sins, and devote their loyalty to the Chinese Communist Party (Osborne, 2018).
  • These re-education camps are said to be run like wartime concentration camps where extreme forms of torture are used to implement Communist ideologies (Osborne, 2018).
  • As the matter escalates into an ethnic and religious genocide, it is important to not only allocate resources to further examine this issue but to focus on generating possible solutions for it.


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