Enforce Police Officers (especially FSARS) to wear Body Camera while on duty.

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WHAT KIND OF POLICE WEARS MASKS, why are they concealing their identities?

In a country where the Commissioner of Police, Lagos State Command (the hub of police brutality) has emphatically stated that 6 out of 10 Nigerian Youths are Cultists, it is no longer news that our lives are not safe if we look or smell good, own smart phones, drive decent cars, dress in ‘flashy’ manners, withdraw money from the ATM, wear unconventional hairstyles or carry backpacks, woe betide you if there is a laptop in it.

FSARS was originally established to tackle armed robbery in the country, have they now decided to take up the jobs they were established to tackle?

There are several videos, pictures of extortions, harassments, assault and extra-judicial killings but they have adamantly refused to acknowledge this brutality nor to #EndSARS. If they cannot end, then they should reform and this is what this petition is about.

As part of the reformation, we the Young Nigerians (that are still alive) hereby implore the right authorities to enforce Law Enforcement Agents especially FSARS to wear body cameras while on duty. The camera is no more than the size of a deck of cards and can be worn on their caps, lapels, pockets or collars. This has statistically been proven to drastically reduce police brutality and citizens’ complaints. Moreso for the Officers’ safety.

If they can wear their full regalia of masks, body armours, boots and carry those heavy guns, then why not a tiny camera that weighs lesser?

Everybody behaves well when they know they are being watched and the Poloce are no exception.

As soon as we get the required number of signatures, we plan to take active steps to involve the authorities tagged and as agents of Democracy and respecters of the Rule of Law, we believe they will play their individual and collective roles to end the menace our police officers have unleashed on us.

No one is safe, not even Legal Practitioners as they are also getting slapped around.

I want to leave my house in the morning knowing I will be back there alive and healthy, most of all I want to grow old, I don’t want to be next casualty!