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Demand for Transparency of MONUSCO's engagement in the DR Congo

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Despite the deterioration of Congolese lives in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the manifestation of calling the current dictator, Joseph Kabila, to step down; MONUSCO, has become politically engaged by providing military support to a dictator's army, going against its mandate of neutrality in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

MONUSCO also claims, their response is based on their mandate that,"MONUSCO is strongly committed to the protection of civilians, including vulnerable groups as refugees and displaced people,” but civilians and Congolese in diaspora are questioning what refugees they refer to, as half a million Congolese today are being hosted as refugees in different continents and countries.

MONUSCO is currently supporting and working alongside the FARDC and engaging in confrontation with the local People's Army, CNPSC (Coalition Nationale du Peuple pour la Souverainete du Congo), while inhibiting civilians trying to escape the crossfires. 

The people are asking the United Nations and MONUSCO, to provide transparency regarding MONUSCO'S failure to remain neutral during the recent internal conflict between the People's Army,CNPSC (Coalition Nationale du Peuple pour la Souverainete du Congo), and the dictator's Kabila FARDC troops. The people also require transparency on where MONUSCO stands, for the people or to be in defense of the corrupt politician and dictator, Kabila?

The people require to know if MONUSCO is no longer engaging solely on a peace keeping mission, what is now their sole purpose in Congo?

The people, those who are directly affected, deserve transparency, as many including, the CNPSC (Coalition Nationale du Peuple pour la Souverainete du Congo) are fighting insecurity under Kabila's regime, and want him gone, as his term has terminated. MONUSCO's current actions, have implied political support for Kabila and his army, and now transparency is demanded so further action can be determined by the people for the progress and security of their country.

The United Nations, UN Security Council, and MONUSCO have yet to provide the transparency and action plan to resolve the conflict, that has been in existence for more than 20 years, to the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

It is time to let them know that their silence and secrecy in our country is crippling.


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