Arrêtez de sanctionner le Mali

Arrêtez de sanctionner le Mali

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L'importance de cette pétition

Lancée par Sammy DIAKITE

as land locked country we shouldn't be sanctioned

as one of the poorest country we shouldn't be sanctioned

as victims of the terror invented by the west we shouldn't be sanctioned

we are here today to show our support and also tell the world that we are united behind our leaders.

if you can hear us today, ask yourself this question. is there anything more valuable than your life? what ever your might desire to be, you need to be alive.

not long ago our people were dying by hundreds if not thousands. the UN mandated forces were present here, and the G5 Sahel forces were also present. yet indelimane and ogassago happened.

now that we are getting the help we couldn't get through them for 8 whole years, they want us to keep quiet and follow their orders. we have been led to death by their way of doing thing. Enough is enough.

so now we say it, and say it as loud as possible we had enough.

Our message to the leaders of UEMOA and CDEAO, get down to earth. You are totally disconnected from the reality of things. You have no idea what’s going on in Mali.

You have no idea what we have been through and you have no respect for our right to exist and our right to defend ourselves.

If you can’t support us that’s fine.

But please do not try to prevent us from helping ourselves.

if you reached this far please sign this petition and stand for what is Right.

30 ont signé. Prochain objectif : 50 !