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Resolved: the full-time work week be 20-hrs, for 40-hrs pay, paid by EICs.

with the difference paid by EICs (Earned Income Credits) funded by a "Social-Profits-Sharing surtax" of 95% on the Adult Per Capita Net Disposable Personal Incomes of the General Rich (in the US that is any adult who net $64,040.44 in 2012 Though that varies by States and Cities)

In the face of continuous in investment in automation, it is no longer possible to employ all those who need work -- not only in developed countries, but also in 2nd, 3rd and 4th world countries. I.e. in Argentina, a developed 2nd world country, unemployment is 70%! Among US youth under 25, it is over 30%! In a free-market, labor needs to be as mobile as capital -- and the only way to do that is "20-4-40 + EICs" everywhere on earth. See: the FEBDA tab of

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