Afghan lives matter.

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Millions of Afghans have been killed by different powers involved in Afghan conflicts for the past 4 decades. The most cruel and brutal type of killings In recent human history. Among others most of the terrorist attacks and direct shootings  are either facilitated or carried out by the two inhuman neighbours of Afghanistan :Pakistan and Iran.  These chain of brutal killings, in most cases very targeted, have risen recently. Iran border forces threw 22 young Afghan refugees into Wild waves of Harirord river last month. Pakistan killed one of the renowned Afghan cleric and religious leader Dr.Niazi last week and Iran brutally burnt another  group of Afghan refugees this week. While the whole word is rightly appalled over the death of our brother George Floyd no one in the entire world show any reaction over death of these innocent Afghans. While I agree that Black lives matter I want to table this petition to UN Security Council and tell them that Afghan lives matter too! 

Pakistan and Iran must be questioned and warned by the world to stop killing innocent lives. 

Please do all you can to stop the prolong killing and suffering of Afghan lives! We are human too! Please stop it enough is enough!