No peace will ever succeed if it denies the Palestinians right of return

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U.N. General Assembly issued Resolution 181, which called for the partition of Palestine into two states: One Jewish and the other Palestinian, but the Palestinian faced a tremendous history injustice, the majority were uprooted from their homes and were made refugees.

The Palestinian refugees forced out of their homes 70 years ago, with nothing in the world strong enough to erase such a bitter and painful memory, in spite of the Zionist forces trying to change the identity and geographical features of their country.

The way to a just and long lasting peace requires the implementation of UN Resolution 194 which makes it clear that the United Nations General Assembly sees the necessity of allowing refugees to return to their land as soon as possible, if they are to live in peace with their neighbors. The Resolution also called on responsible governments or authorities to pay compensation to those Palestinians who suffered property loss or damage, in accordance with international law. To date, the United Nations General Assembly has adopted no fewer than 49 separate Resolutions harking back to the items of UN resolution 194 and emphasizing the refugees' right to return. The UN General Assembly has also gone on the record as deploring the fact that the Palestinian refugees have not yet been able to exercise their right to return to their lands nor received compensation for loss or damage to their property.

I wish to inform your Excellency before I conclude this letter, that I intend to forward another letter to you on a later date, in which I shall state our observations, the measures and procedures, contained in resolution 194 that Israel not abide by international law, UN charter, the facts already established and the measures contained in previous relevant resolutions of the Security Council.

Personal story
As a Palestinian who has lived under Israel's extremely wicked military occupation, I can testify that Zionist leaders, academics, and propagandists are actually professional, malicious liars engaged in the never ending peace negotiation while peace is not on Israeli agenda