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Call for UN Sanctions on Communist China upon Illegal Confinement of Liu Xia 還劉霞自由

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This appeal letter to:


*United Nations Secretary General Mr. António Guterres

*UN Human Rights Committee High Commissioner Mr. Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein

*UN Security Council

*UN Assembly (193 member states)

We earnestly request - the UN Secretary General Mr. António Guterres to look into the case that the UN member state, the communist China (the People's Republic of China), illegally confining Ms Liu Xia (wife of the late Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo) for years.

We earnestly request - the High Commissioner of the UN Human Rights Committee Mr. Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein to lead the Committee to investigate if the way China confining Liu Xia violates the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCRP) which China signed in 1998. If the violation is confirmed, we earnestly request the UN Security Council to remove all China’s duties from the Council.

We earnestly request - the 192 UN member states (excluding China) to boycott China economy including rejecting its goods and services, financial participation, investments and the One Belt One Road Initiative until Liu Xia is set free.

The issue:

Today’s China Government dictated by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) persecutes the late intellectual Liu Xiaobo, who advocated democracy and constitutional reform in China. In 2008, Liu, together with his friends, made public the Charter 08, advocating that China puts into practice freedom, human rights, equality, republicanism, democracy and constitutionalism. Consequently, Liu was sentenced to jail for 11 years by China Government for "inciting subversion of state power". Meanwhile, Liu's innocent wife, Liu Xia, who has not committed any crimes has been placed under confinement for years and she is now still missing and reportedly suffering from severe depression and other illnesses.

Liu Xiaobo died on July 13, 2017 from liver cancer alleged by China Government and before his death, media were disallowed to report the case freely. Against Liu's and his wife's will, China Government disallowed the couple to seek medical help overseas.

Since Liu Xiaobo’s death, his wife Liu Xia has continued to be out of contact. Judging from the jail and death of Liu Xiaobo, there are good reasons to believe the present disappearance of Liu Xia to be the act of China Government stripping her of freedom.

All these show that China Government has violated the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) which Beijing signed in 1998.

 Thus, we make the following requests:

1.      The UN Human Rights Committee to investigate whether China’s treatment of Liu Xia now violates the ICCPR. If so proven, we request the UN to impose sanctions on China, including removal of all the duties of China from the UN Security Council. It is because the death of Liu Xiaobo, the confinement of Liu Xia and also the existing imprisonment and torture of human right defenders in China show that China Government is tyrannical and anti-peace, and thus she is no longer qualified to be a member of the UN Security Council which safeguards world peace and security.

2.      If China’s treatment of Liu Xia is proven to have violated the ICCPR, we request all member states of the UN Assembly to boycott China economy including rejecting its goods and services, financial participation, investments and One Belt One Road Initiative until Liu Xia is set free. It is because China having signed the ICCPR blatantly persecutes an innocent person committing no crimes (not to mention the notorious history and enormous number of present cases of Communist China persecuting dissidents), China’s integrity is already shown bankrupt. Engaging with her in economic activities only jeopardizes one’s interest.

Moreover, China is now emerging as a world power of the global economy but seen to lack moral ethos by persecuting dissidents, thus succumbing to her wealth power could lead the global economy to be irrevocably swallowed by her, which threatens the well-being of the world at large.

















1.     聯合國人權事務委員會就中共政府限制劉霞女士人身自由一事作出調查,若發現中共在此事上違反了其簽署的《公民權利和政治權利國際公約》,我們懇請聯合國安全理事會驅逐中國出此理事會,解除其在理事會內一切職務。原因為:劉曉波之死、劉霞遭軟禁,以及現時在中國國內多名維權人士被囚或受虐,足以顯示中共政府殘暴不仁,敵視和平,因而沒有資格留在聯合國安全理事會內,擔承守護世界和平與安全的任務。

2.     若查明中共政府限制劉霞女士人身自由一事違反了《公民權利和政治權利國際公約》,我們懇請聯合國大會內所有成員國抵制中國經濟活動,包括罷買罷用中國製造或投資製造的產品和服務、來自中國的金融活動、投資活動及一帶一路計劃,直至劉霞重獲自由為止。原因是:中國既透過簽署上述公約承諾實現人權,卻公然迫害沒有違法的無辜國民,更不須多說中國境內長年踐踏人權、迫害異己的紀錄,這顯示了中共政府已誠信破產。跟一個誠信破產的國家做生意,自身利益堪虞。


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