End Support for UN Singling Out of Israel

End Support for UN Singling Out of Israel

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I urge you to speak out against gross and systematic anti-Israel discrimination by key United Nations bodies, which violates the equality guarantee of the United Nations Charter.

The pattern and practice of singling out the Jewish state for differential and discriminatory treatment is shocking. For example, as shown by the UN Watch database, at the General Assembly in 2019, Israel was targeted by 21 one-sided resolutions -- with only one each on Iran, Syria, North Korea, Crimea, Myanmar, and the United States. 

Meanwhile, there were zero resolutions adopted or introduced on the human rights situations in China, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Belarus, Cuba, Turkey, Pakistan, Vietnam, Algeria, or on 175 other countries.

Likewise, since its founding in 2006, the UN Human Rights Council has adopted more resolutions against Israel than on Iran, Syria and North Korea combined; convened more urgent sessions and inquiries on Israel than on any other country; and continues to single out Israel alone under a permanent agenda item at every session.

All governments must be held accountable for their human rights record. Yet the practice of focusing the UN human rights agenda disproportionately on Israel, while ignoring egregious violations in the rest of the world, constitutes politicized, selective, partial, and subjective behavior.

I commend you and your predecessors for consistently acknowledging that discrimination against Israel at the UN is wrong:

In a 2017 speech, you rightly said: “As secretary general of the United Nations, I consider that the State of Israel needs to be treated as any other state.” 

Likewise, former Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon criticized the UN’s demonization of Israel, saying: "Decades of political maneuvering have created a disproportionate number of resolutions, reports and committees against Israel. In many cases, instead of helping the Palestinian issue, this reality has foiled the ability of the UN to fulfill its role effectively." Earlier in his term, the former UN chief had similarly denounced the UN Human Rights Council’s decision “to single out only one specific regional item [Item 7 on Israel], given the range of human rights violations throughout the entire world.”

This echoed statements by former Secretary-General Kofi Annan who on numerous occasions called out the UN’s unfair treatment of Israel. For example, in 1999, he said:  “The exclusion of Israel from the system of regional groupings; the intense focus given to some of Israel’s actions, while other situations sometimes fail to elicit the similar outrage; these and other circumstances have given a regrettable impression of bias and one-sidedness.”

As the highest official of the United Nations, we urge you to continue to show leadership on this issue by speaking out strongly to condemn all forms of discrimination against Israel at the world body, which violate the letter and spirit of the United Nations Charter.