Scientific Commission for Free Internet as a human right

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I hereby request:

an independent international scientific commission of renowned scientists and NGO's representatives should be commissioned

to develop a concept as a fundamental peacekeeping measure

for open and cross-border Internet access and bareere-free-infrastructure

that is free of censorship for all,

which makes social diversity, information, education and participation possible and ensures transparency, and to implement it in civil society.

Today, the Internet forms an infrastructural basis for free and human state structures.
It connects distant places and people with each other

in a matter of seconds and makes information accessible

that would never come into contact with each other without the Internet.

It prevents the isolation and non-transparency of despotism and crime.

Internet access is also indispensable due to economic international connectivity.
For this reason, the Internet must also be assigned to international law, which, together with other infrastructural prerequisites and nature conservation, makes it possible to protect human rights.