Say No to North Korean Nuclear Weapon!

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           Since North Korea nuclear tests have been increasing drastically, there is a danger that North Korea will have the capability to attack South Korea and United State Of America as well as neighbouring countries. As a global citizenship, we still remember the devastating Nagasaki and Hiroshima due to nuclear bomb attack from The United State of America during WW II. Million of people died and all buildings have been destroyed. More over there are long term effect of radiation exposure that will increased cancer rates in the survivors. Until now, there is still traumatic experience in Japan and other parts of the world as a result of the attack.

             We want to live in a peaceful word. We want to have a better place free from nuclear weapons that put our planet and humanity at risk. All nations have to be responsible to save the world and its living creatures. Leaders of the nation must do preventive measures to eliminate all nuclear weapon test. In case of North Korea weapon test, we demand United Nation to hold a general assembly meeting to ban all its nuclear testing. The president of United State, must conduct diplomatic preassure to the President of North Korea to reach peaceful solution on the nuclear problems.